10 Sturdy Outdoor Mini Bar Ideas

10 Sturdy Outdoor Mini Bar Ideas

Great conversations and nice places are inseparable. You can’t help it but a beautiful place seems to stimulate your ideas. Most of the time, it is the person factor. When both you and the person you are talking to are interesting, there goes a memorable conversation, regardless of the place, but other people would say that the place is always important. If your companion isn’t that talkative, it’s a bit challenging to keep the ball rolling. When you have dozens of friends, you can’t catch up with all of them so why not invite them one at a time? Invite them for coffee or for a drink at your place. You might be thinking that there is so much preparation every time you invite a friend over. Don’t sweat it! You just need to prepare a little mini bar in your backyard, complete with some drinks and snacks, and you are good to go. First of all, your friend went there to spend some time with you, and not really to have a meal. For those unannounced moments, what you need is an outdoor snack bar and we have just about the best ideas for you to get started setting them up. If you already have one, then you can vamp it up some more.

Glowing Modern Outdoor Snack Bar

 Image source: Dekris Design

The way this mini bar is set up is just awesome. Please focus on the bar itself and not on the dining set. As you can see, the mini bar has a white ledge and just a white low-rise shelf. Then the designer put in some wine bottles to make it look like a bar. The rest is just lighting work. With this mini-bar, it looks like you are ready to host a party.

Granite and Stone Ledge Outdoor Bar

 Image source: Grill Repair

This Granite and Stone Ledge outdoor bar looks almost complete. It has grill, a stove and a sink. For those of you who do not mind spending the big bucks, you can have your bar constructed like this and have the sink, the grill and the stove installed. Of course, you have to think of the best location for your bar since it will be constructed permanently. Choose a spot which will be accessible to your guests and preferably next to a pool. We think you can make a business out of this bar!

Neat Wooden Outdoor Snack Bar

 Image source: Fight Ford Wight

This Neat Wooden Outdoor Snack Bar is very easy to acquire. You can opt to buy it from a furniture shop or have it custom made. Since it is made of wooden material, it is easy to carry it from indoors to outdoors. You might not want to leave it out there during the rainy season. You simply have to add your bar must-haves like drinks, some chips, wine glasses, cork opener and a bucket of ice and you’re good to go.

Non-Alcoholic Outdoor Bar Cart

 Image source: Bestfriends for Frosting

Not all kinds of mini-bars have to contain alcoholic drinks in them but then again, people loosen up with alcohol. Why not put both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in your mini-bar to cater to both your drinking and non-drinking friends. As you can see, there is enough storage space on this mini-bar for juice and alcohol. There’re lemon and oranges so you can instantly make both juice and chasers. When friends come over unannounced, meet them while pushing this bar cart.

Pennington Style Sunset Beach Hardtop Grill Gazebo Bar

 Image source: Sears

This Gazebo bar is also one of the coolest among these selections. Similar to the one we saw earlier, it also has a grill (because everyone loves barbecue) and is ready to serve you with a drink. You can sit on the chairs while waiting for your “order”.

Portable Outdoor Snack bar

 Image source: Amazon

This Portable Snack Bar definitely is enough for that day in the backyard with your friends. Although it looks small, it can actually store a lot of stuff in there like soda and bottled water. It also has a built-in drink cooler to keep your drinks cool during the summer. We are sure it doesn’t cost much to get one of these.

Red Multilevel Snack Bar

 Image source: Interior Frugalista

This Red Multi-level snack bar from Interior Frugalista looks simple but we think that it’s functionality can be compared to the wooden mini bar that we saw earlier. It also has a cooler. All you need to do is buy some trays, glasses and drinks to fill in the spaces of this mini-bar and you can create that perfect moment outdoors.

Summer Mini Lemonade Bar

 Image source: I heart Naptime

This Summer Mini Lemonade Bar would fit perfectly in your garden or backyard. It looks very healthy with the fresh lemons that you can easily squeeze in. If you haven’t gotten yourself a juicer, get one now! It makes life easier and healthier!

Summer Outdoor Snack bar

 Image source: The Creativity Exchange

Do you love drinking margarita or like to mix and match your drinks? Well, this outdoor snack bar is perfect for you. You can match the colors of your glasses with the bottles to make it look more pleasing to the eyes.

Tile Bar with Outdoor Grill

 Image source: Grill Repair

This grill from Grill Repair can be put outdoors and its main purpose is for grilling but since there are still spaces on both the left and right, then you can add some drinks to complement your barbecue.