12 Lovable Outdoor Dog Houses

12 Lovable Outdoor Dog Houses

Dogs are wonderful companions at home. They guard our house and are also sensitive and loyal creatures. Like us, they also deserve a wonderful home where they can rest and sleep safely, a home that will keep them warm in whatever season. Dog houses can be custom built or they can bought from pet shops. They come in different shapes and sizes. Of course, you have to determine the right dog house size for your dog. There are duplex dog houses that your two dog best friends can enjoy. We know that dogs are also very territorial that’s why it would be great to give them something that they can call their own. Some place where they can come back to when the day ends. They could also share it with their dog buddy. It would be best to situate your dog’s house outdoors because that is also where he does his “dirty business”. Here are some dog house design ideas to give you some idea on what dog house to get for your pet.

Boomer and George T-Bone Dog House with Heating and Cooling Unit Package

 Image source: Hay Needle

This awesome dog house has a heating and cooling unit that will make your dog feel perfectly comfortable in whatever weather. It also has a very sturdy built to surpass whatever weather challenges.

Cool Dog House with Roofdeck

 Image source: Widseth

This Cool Dog House with roof deck is something that your dog would really enjoy. In fact, he might even develop the habit of waking up early in the morning and get up to his roof deck to get his daily dose of sunshine.

Dogs Inn Dog’s House

mage source: Overstock

This dog doesn’t look happy but we’re sure he loves his Dog’s Inn for its beautiful color and sturdy built. You can even match your dog’s house to the color of your own house to make it look like an extension of it.

Goliath Duplex Dog House

 Image source: Bly The Wood Works

This Goliath Duplex Dog House is perfect if you have two dogs who are also best friends. They can hang out in there together and stay there when they are off-duty. Plus you can also add their names on their own space.

Guardian Gear Happy Home Dog House

 Image source: Overstock

This Guardian Gear Happy Home is made of washable and durable material that is easy to assemble. Make your dog feel comfortable and cool in this Guardian Gear Happy Home dog house.

Luxury Dog House

 Image source: Pets Clan

This Luxury Dog House has a very awesome and intricate design that your dog and guests will truly appreciate. It is a miniature modern house design.

Precision Outback Country Lodge Dog House

 Image source: Hay Needle

This Precision Outback Country Lodge Dog House has a beautiful frame and is made of hard wood that will stand rain, snow and heat.

Precision Outback Log Cabin Dog House

 Image source: Hay Needle

This dog house design from Hay Needle is almost similar to the previous one only that it is more boxed-type and has no triangular roof. Nonetheless, it offers the same protection and housing for your dog.

Rustic Dog House

 Image source: Overstock

This Rustic Dog House a beautiful log house design and even has a porch where your dog can place half of his body to keep him cool.

Sturdy Multi-Colored Dog House

 Image source: Amazon

This dog house from Amazon is easy to clean and unlike wooden dog houses, it is not heavy and can easily be moved from place to place.

White and Red Dog House Design

 Image source: Spanish-Hills

We’ve seen a lot of those wooden dog houses, this time, you can become more creative by changing up the dog house color every now and then.

Wooden Dog House

 Image source: All things Mamma

Not only is this dog house cute but the puppy that lives in it is even cuter. This Wooden Dog House has a black roofing and white borders which matches the wood color.