14 Romantic Backyard Patio Design Ideas

14 Romantic Backyard Patio Design Ideas

Naturally, backyard patio is an amazing addition to every house. If you are in luck to have a spacious backyard, then by making a patio you can consider that you have one extra room for the summer. During the spring and the summer, we all feel smothered from the inside and want to get outside and enjoy the pleasant sun. If you are one of the people who will rather spend most of the Summer time, outside in the pleasant backyard, we have a great idea for you : Create an outstanding and a romantic backyard patio. The romantic backyard patio will not serve you only as an outdoor room, where you can sit and enjoy the nice weather, but you can also organize events in your patio such as: birthdays, engagement parties and even a small family wedding will be possible. Therefore, we are going to present you a showcase of adorable and fairy tale inspired backyard patio design which can give you the idea and inspiration for your own patio. Enjoy!

Adorable Blue Romantic Patio Design

Image Source: Over stock

This patio is decorated with a perfect and distinguished taste, settled in a beautiful and lush garden with a rattan furniture and vibrant blue color palette, this patio has a really charming and romantic appearance. The gorgeous fountain just adds an extra charm and beauty to the complete beautiful appearance.

Amazing Backyard Garden

Image Source: Design Rulz

Without any doubt this is a patio and a garden that instantly takes your breath away. The patio is decorated in a way to look like a beautiful garden from some familiar fairy tale. The candles, the lighted pathway, the rattan furniture in the middle, everything about this patio is charming, romantic and amazing.

Amazing Patio with Outdoor Fireplace

Image Source: Hgtv Remodels

The grandiose outdoor fireplace certainly is a striking complement of this amazing, romantic patio. This although small patio, has an amazing appearance due to the wicker rattan furniture and the beautiful outdoor fireplace. Just adorable!

Beautiful Vintage Patio Design

Image Source: Outdoor Rooms

How beautiful is this vintage and charming patio? At first glance, this vintage patio looks like an exterior of some epic love story. The rustic furniture, the outdoor fireplace and the lush garden provide this incredible patio with charming and outstanding note.

Charming Pink Patio Design

Image Source: Rightmove

The girly pink pillows placed on an wrought iron chairs along with the charming and beautiful flowers vastly present in this amazing patio create a charming and romantic ambiance at the same. This is a really soft and romantic patio decorated with a distinguished and profound taste.

Dreamy and Beauitful Patio

Image Source: Archimag

The intimate ambiance that is dominant in this beautiful romantic patio is just adorable and breathtaking. The secret of the amazing, romantic appearance of this romantic patio is the simplicity of its setting, decorated only with a natural wood table and chairs and settled in the middle of a lush and flowery garden.

Lively Romantic Patio Design

Image Source: Decorology

The position of this patio is perfect, because the trees around provide the patio with a dreamy and beautiful ambiance, and yet the decor consisting of vintage bench and simple table with chairs along with a big pink sun umbrella complete the picture of an intimate, romantic patio.

Lush, Romantic Patio

Image Source: Veranda

This patio can be more likely associated with a patio that you can find in an Emily Bronte’s book right? The romantic and vintage appearance of this breathtaking patio is just outstanding.

Mediterranean, Romantic patio

Image Source: Veranda

The lush plants on the wall are certainly a focal point of this beautiful and charming patio and yet the white cushioned iron furniture acts as a striking complement and provide this Mediterranean patio with balanced and relaxed ambiance.

Outstanding Romantic Patio Design

Image Source: Lakako

This is a truly beautiful and romantic patio with an intimate nature. The rustic bench and dining table settled in between the arched wall and surrounded with lush plants provide this place with charming and romantic scent.

Romantic Cottage Patio

Image Source: Romantic Home

Every detail and element of this romantic patio settled in the middle of a lush garden is amazing and perfect. The bird cage, the furniture, the decorative plants, and the wrought iron plant hanger completes the picture of perfect and intimate patio with romantic appearance.

Romantic Summer Patio Design

Image Source: Hgtv

The rustic furniture adds a distinctive and beautiful note in this charming and romantic patio with beautiful decorative palette. The framed mirror acts as a great focal point.

Spacious Romantic Patio design

Image Source: Elle Decor

This is a really grandiose and beautiful backyard with an amazing accent on the white and serene patio and bench swing in the background.

Vintage Patio and Garden

Image Source: The Gardening cook

The vintage appearance of this beautiful romantic patio creates a beautiful and distinguished outlook of this intimate and breathtaking patio.