15 Amazing Outdoor Playhouse Ideas

15 Amazing Outdoor Playhouse Ideas

If you are in luck to have a spacious and big backyard and you have kids that want to run around the backyard, you surely will love what we have prepared for you today. It’s the ultimate dream of every kid to have a own special place which will be her/his territory, therefore outdoor playhouses are the ultimate dream. Naturally, kids want to play grown ups and act like adults, so by having their own playhouse in the outdoor you will surely make their dream come truth. Outdoor playhouse are beneficial for the parents as well, because you will not worry that your kid will be bored or running out of the house, but you will know that your kid will be playing all day long in the playhouse. In order to inspire you, we have gathered a showcase of 15 most creative and amazing outdoor playhouse designs which you may find useful.

Adorable White Playhouse

Image Source: Sweet Retreat Kids 

This is a truly adorable playhouse with beautiful garden for boy and girl. The small size of this playhouse just adds to its cuteness. The white beautiful fence add a realistic and beautiful note to the house.

Amazing Pink Girlish Playhouse

Image Source: Charlotte Playsets

If you have a girl, and you want to create a playhouse that will be her own kingdom then this is the example that you should follow. A splendid pink playhouse in a cute and adorable design is breathtaking and your girl will surely go bananas about it.

Bavarian Cottage Playhouse

Image Source: Fancy Builder, Inc.

This is a really cool Bavarian inspired cottage playhouse perfect for your little rascals. The big design of this playhouse adds an imaginative and whimsical note, your kids will not want to get out of this amazing cottage house.

Beautiful Pink Playhouse

Image Source: BuzzIlinois

Perky, pink and amazing is this playhouse which will surely provide your kids with joy and happiness. The lively and adorable design of this playhouse will also work as a centerpiece in your backyard.

Boat Shaped Playhouse

Image Source: PoshTots

A pirate boat playhouse is a cool idea for your boy, the design of this house multiplies the options of games that your kid can play inside. The design and the size of this playhouse by PoshTots it extraordinary.

Cape Cod Playhouse

Image Source: Cottage Kids

This beautiful and realistic playhouse will surely stand out in your backyard and provide your kids with limitless amount of fun and you. The playhouse looks like a traditional farmhouse and is incredibly cute and adorable.

Castle Playhouse

Image Source: Lilliput Playhomes

Here is a perfect playhouse for your little knights to play all day long. The castle formed playhouse is really cool and adorable and will provide your kids with plenitude of fun and happiness.

Glass wall Kids Playhouse

Image Source: Toysrus

This playhouse with glass walls and made of a simple shed is maybe small but it looks super modern and beautiful. The interesting desing of this playhouse will surely provide your kids with a plenty of fun times.

Little Rascals Playhouse

Image Source: Daniels Wood Land Tree Houses

Cartoon alike playhouse with an additional slide is a more than you can create in your imagination. This playhouse makes you to want to be a kid again, because of it amazing and whimsical design and form.

Over The Top Outdoor Castle with a slide

Image Source: Toysrus

This is a really extra ordinary playhouse in a form of a princess castle with not one but two super fun slides. This playhouse will not only stand out in your backyard but it will also provide your kids with limitless amount of play and joy.

Pirate Boat Playhouse

Image Source: The Well Appointed House

Here is another pirate ship inspired playhouse with creative and fun design. This super awesome playhouse will surely be your kid’s favorite place on earth.

Polka Dotted Girlish Playhouse

Image Source: Wallmart

How cute is this pink polka dotted playhouse for girls. Your little girl will surely adore this amazing playhouse and have a lot of fun inside.

Realistic Family House Playhouse

Image Source: Tesco

This mansion playhouse is huge and amazing, your kids may invite their friends over and have a limitless amount of fun in this super cool and realistic playhouse.

Small Wooden Playhouse

Image Source: Play House World

This is a really adorable and cute wooden cabin playhouse with super cute design and appearance. Your kids will surely love this playhouse and it will be a great centerpiece in your backyard.

Two Story Playhouse with a tent

Image Source: Toysrus

Natural wood playhouse with a latter and a slide and with an additional place with sand where your kids can build sand houses and stuff is more then beautiful, it is amazing.