15 Awesome and Decorative Outdoor Lanterns

15 Awesome and Decorative Outdoor Lanterns

Exterior Designing can be among the difficult tasks of designing because we have to take into consideration the changing weather and the exposure that our furniture get when we place them outdoors. We have to consider the costs of these furniture. As owners, we do not want them to easily depreciate and then replace them again. That is not practical. Outdoor lighting is challenging because you can’t just place electric outlets outdoors, you have to carefully plan the electrical works if you decide to do an electrical outdoor lighting. For now, you can opt for lanterns to be placed in your garden. You only have to put a candle inside and with the right ventilation and weather condition, they should be enough to light your garden or patio. Here are some wonderful outdoor lanterns that you can choose from. We also have included one electric lantern with minimal electric work needed for set up.

Arteriors Slade Wood and Glass Hurricane

Image source: Zincdoor

This Slade Wood lantern with a hurricane glass is a beautiful and decorative piece that will light up your patio at night.

Birch Wood Heart Candle Holder

 Image source: Notonthegighstreet

This awesome Birch Wood candle holder also looks like a lantern. It is a wonderful wooden design that will fit in nicely in your garden or backyard, preferably around the corners.

Cliff Wood and Metal Lanterns

 Image source: Pottery Barn

These Cliff Wood and Metal lanterns are dual purpose. They can be used for lighting or designing your outdoor space. You simply have to change it either to a candle or to some decorative item like shells or figurines, now you have a decorative lantern.

Gandia Blasco Farol Cuadrado Modern Outdoor Lantern Lamp

Image source: Star Dust Modern Design

This Gandia Blasco Farol was actually designed in Spain. It is an all weather outdoor light which you can even carry around you at night.

Edelman Ornate Wooden Lantern

 Image source: Occa-Home

This Edelman Ornate Wooden Lantern has a very detailed roofing design, a good ventilation system and a very sturdy housing to protect your candles.

Grey Wooden Lantern with Shutters by Parlane

 Image source: Home-Treats

You can also make a good use of shutters for your outdoor lantern when it is raining but you still need that candle lit ambiance. You can protect the candle inside by tilting the shutters to a slight degree.

Medium Teak Wood Lantern

 Image source: Telling Tales

This Medium Teak Wood Lantern has a simple frame design but is made of very good material both for indoor and outdoor use.

Oversized Mango Wood Hurricane Lantern

 Image source: Notonthehighstreet

This design from Notonthehighstreet comes in different sizes. The clear glass provides for better lighting for the outdoors.

Oxford Turned Wood Candle Holders

 Image source: Pottery Barn

In this candle holder and lantern design from Pottery Barn, we like the Oxford detailing which adds class to the pieces.

PartyLite Framework Hanging Candle Lantern

 Image source: Party Lite Magazine

This eccentric design from Party Lite Magazine offers minimal lighting but maximum design. You can place this symmetrically on the two sides of your door leading to the outdoors.

Rustic Outdoor Garden Lantern

 Image source: Smart Living

This design from Smart living is quite similar to the Telling Tales design but only the handles vary. Also you can choose the color and wood design.

Rustic Weathered Wood Garden Lantern

 Image source: DM Specialty Merchandise

Here is a similar design but in a different color. You can place these lanterns along path walks or sidewalks.

White Wood Outdoor Lantern

 Image source: Frbiz

This White Wood Outdoor Lantern Design is very classy and the roofing has a distinct mark on it.

Wooden Compact Outdoor Lamp

 Image source: Shadows in the Dark

This Compact Wooden Outdoor Lamp features a door so you can easily replace the candles. If you think that placing candles from the top is a bit difficult, then this lantern design will make it easier for you.

Wooden Electric Lamp

 Image source: Christmas Lights

For the last feature in this batch, we have this wooden electric lamp which features an artificial candle light. If you ask us whether an electric lamp is better than the candle lit, well, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Of course you can’t bring this electric lamp anywhere you want to go.