15 Beautiful Backyards with pools to inspire

15 Beautiful Backyards with pools to inspire

The ultimate dream of every home owner is to have a super refreshing and cool pool in the backyard. The pool in the backyard act as a striking complement to the landscape and of course enhance the aesthetics of the backyard. there are plenty benefits of having a pool in the backyard, beginning with the basic benefit of endless amount of fun that you could have by swimming in the pool, or relaxing by the pool, or having a barbecue with friends next to the pool, basically there is no downside of having a pool in a backyard. If your budget allows you to create a pool in your ba-ackyard, you should totally do it, because pool in a backyard is the dream. In case you were planing to build a pool in your backyard, you may find the below showcase of 15 Beautiful backyards with pools inspiring, so check them out and get inspired.

Amazing Backyard with pool and waterfall

Image Source: Plant NJ

The bean shape of this magnificent illuminated pool with additional water feature the waterfalls complement the simple and beautiful design of this backyard. The pool adds a beautiful note and charm to this backyard.

Beautiful Backyard with bean shaped pool

Image Source:Pool Environments

The bean shaped pool in combination with the layout and appearance of this backyard creates and appealing and dreamy feel of this place. Just amazing!

Contemporary backyard with rectangular pool

Image Source: Ark Night

Regarding to the minimal space that this backyard has, the rectangular pool was the logical thing to do. The additional hot tub in the background just add more modern and lush ambiance to this pool.

Family Backyard with pool

Image Source: Platinum Pools

Well this is a spacious and beautiful backyard with over sized pool and a hot tub. The layout of this backyard is flawless and the instaled pool act as a striking complement of this place.

Feng Shui Backyard with small pool

Image Source: Dumican Mosey Architects

This backyard is super contemporary and chic, the small and adorable pool reflects a feng shui ambiance and improves the appearance of this backyard.

Homey Backyard with pool

Image Source: The Maisonnette

This is a really dreamy and beautiful backyard with bean shaped pool. The stepping stones with wast grass complement the pool and create a beautiful and cozy ambiance.

Mansion Backyard with big pool

Image Source: Robert Kaner Interior Design

How awesome it will be to have a pool and fireplace in the backyard right? This backyard with a over sized pool and a stacked stone fireplace is totally amazing.

Modern Backyard with rectangular pool

Image Source: Molly Wood Garden Design

The rectangular pool even though in small size provides this backyard with super cool charm and adds beauty to this exterior. The white armchair additionally provide this backyard with comfort.

Outstanding backyard with infinity pool

Image Source: Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

This is a one in a kind backyard with super sleek and amazing pool. The cube shape of the pool in combination with the sleek and simple deck creates a beautiful appeal of this backyard.

Small backyard with rectangular pool

Image Source: Coco Cozy

This backyard has a small pool but an awesome one. The layout of the backyard in combination with the shape of the pool provides this place with cozy and light ambiance.

Splendid Backyard with Pool

Image Source: Bertram Architects

Isn’t this place just magnificent? The infinity pool, in combination with the wast grass add a dreamy and super modern feel to this contemporary backyard.

Super contemporary backyard with big pool

Image Source: Cornerstone Architects

The layout of this pool is genious. The creative design of the pool adds to the beauty in the backyard and provides this place with outstanding appeal.

Traditional backyard with pool

Image Source: Pool Environments

This place looks cozy and friendly, thanks to the beautiful arrangement of the elements. The simple pool and brick fence right next to it add ecstatic and beautiful ambiance in this place.

Tropical backyard with pool

Image Source:Silver Sea Homes

How awesome is this tropical pool? This backyard looks totally amazing and dreamy thanks to the distinctive design of the pool.

Wast Backyard with infinity pool

Image Source: Wallsoc

The pool maybe small but the wast garden for sure is not. The rectangular and narrow design of this pool creates an awesome visual effect of this place.