15 Natural and Beautiful Outdoor Staircases

15 Natural and Beautiful Outdoor Staircases

Staircases are very important both inside and outside the house. Without them, we cannot go to the top floor of our houses. Aside from designing, we shouldn’t neglect maintaining our staircases because they have the tendency to wear out in a couple of years. Of course, it depends on the material of your staircase. By using the staircase for design, we have more space for hanging decorations. You can even put some garlands during the holiday. Talking about outdoor staircases, these are parts of the house that can easily be seen, therefore, a good design is always very important. Here are 15 natural and beautiful outdoor staircase designs that you can choose from.

Amazing Deck with Stair For Exterior Decoration with White Wood Handrail

 Image source: Im Said

This Amazing Deck with White stairs is a beautiful way to design your porch. It looks clean and beautiful.

Attractive Outdoor Spiral Staircases for Rooftop with White Iron Materials

 Image source: Tazatek

Spiral cases always look attractive especially when placed in a good location and of course, they are perfect for the outdoors.

Awesome Wooden Staircase Design

 Image source: Love Designs

This Wooden Spiral Staircase looks like the spine of a giant dinosaur. This design is very unique and antique.

Concrete Block Steps

 Image source: The Urban Home Stead

These Concrete Block Steps look very natural for the outdoors. You can fill in the concrete with some dried leaves for a natural look.

Cozy Outdoor Wood Deck Design

 Image source: Digresser

This Cozy Outdoor Woodeck Design is a perfect place for you to enjoy the sight of nature. You can add some sofas for a comfortable time while reading a good book.

Deck Steps With Flared Design

 Image source: Archadeck

Brown is a perfect match for white railings and this flared design makes it look more uniform and neat.

Exterior Design with Modern Outdoor Staircase and Modern Lighting Design Ideas

 Image source: Catalyze

For a modern look, have your staircases constructed in thin layers or steps. It is also safer to walk on, then add a paint or color that will match your home or a part of your home.

Gorgeous Front Porch Design Ideas With Cement

 Image source: Imsaid

For a cheaper way to have your stairs installed, you can always opt for cemented outdoor staircases and paint them with a beautiful finish.

Gorgeous Outdoor Decorating Design Idea With Black Metal Staircase Decoration

 Image source: Im Said

Brick staircases are awesome when used outdoors. It adds some royalty and class to the overall look of your building. This design from Im Said uses a stone edging to distinguish the staircase from the rest of the building.

Gorgeous Outdoor Spiral Staircase with Cement Staircase Step and Black Wroughtiron

 Image source: Im Said

Check out this awesome black iron wrought and the wonderful detailing that is in this railing.

Impressive Non-Slip Stair Treads

 Image source: Decosee

In order to make sure that nobody slips while walking on your staircase, design your staircase like this design from Decosee. It has a very detailed stone center and marble borders.

Natural Brown Leaves Outdoor Stairs

 Image source: Outlaw Garden

This design is similar to the design from The Urban Homestead. Using a metal as borders for each step, you can leave a little space where you can store some dried leaves for a natural look. When they are completely withered, you can just remove them and allow the next batch of leaves to fall. Isn’t this a really simple and practical idea for design?

Open Corridor Modern Home Design Ideas With Cement Block Tile And Outdoor Stairs

 Image source: Haybert

Modern homes usually have some open corridors and these are perfect places where you can situate your staircase such as this design from Haybert. It is a simple cream colored staircase with a wooden hand railing.

Outdoor Old Spiral Stair Case on Brown Color Building Royalty Free

 Image source: Homesii

This spiral staircase has a classic design. It is probably made of cement and looks very sturdy.

Outstanding Deck With Stair Design For Outdoor Home Decoration

 Image source: Im Said

This wonderful wooden staircase design is something you have probably seen in the movies. This is a common design for cabin types of houses.