15 Refreshing Outdoor Showers

15 Refreshing Outdoor Showers

Setting up an outdoor shower room can be a bit of a challenge when you do not have the right ideas for it. What you need is a familiarity of the different materials that can be used for outdoor construction and align it with what you want to achieve. For example, if you want your outdoor to consistently convey coolness, then you can opt to use stone since stone absorbs and releases heat very slowly. You can also go for bamboo, or tiles, depending on your style. Stone is a bit expensive to set up. When you’re setting up a shower room, it is essential to use choose the right kind of shower that will also fit in in your shower room. We have for you some shower or shower room inspirations that you can use for setting up your outdoor shower room.

Bamboo Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Idudu

This Bamboo Outdoor Shower is a great idea to substitute shower heads. You can use your creativity and use other materials to replace your shower heads to make it look closer to nature.

Blue Outdoor Shower with Curtains

 Image source: Inside The Loop

Gardening could get really messy that is why an outdoor shower like this would be great just outside the house to give you a quick wash off after gardening or after doing any outdoor activity.

Continuous Outdoor Shower with landscaping

 Image source: Bonick Landscaping

For resort or homes with outdoor swimming pools, this outdoor shower with landscaping adds to the beauty of the place. The continuous flow of water gives a relaxing effect and gives you a more private shower time because it is a closed area.

Deck Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Shower Designs

After doing outdoor activities, don’t let the dirty elements such as mud and sand get into your rooms or homes. You can add an outdoor shower just outside you room or at your deck to wash the dirt away.

Inox Square Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Uniform Design

This Inox Square Outdoor Shower is very modern in design. It has a big shower head which will shower you completely in just a jiffy, then you can head for the pool or inside the house immediately.

Iroko Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Archi Expo

This Iroku Outdoor shower doesn’t give you much coverage while showering but its design looks perfect just outside a house that is next to the beach.

Rainbow Solar Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Archi Expo

Brace yourselves for this rainbow solar outdoor showers. The shower is designed with an insulation system that allows for the water to remain warm as it hits the water pipes inside the tubes. It comes in vibrant colors and looks stunning when put together.

Red Outdoor Shower Tray

 Image source: Archi Expo

Well, doesn’t this red piece look cool outdoors? It would be nice to take a shower in there before hitting the pool.

Solar Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Archi Expo

Similar to the colorful solar showers that we have seen earlier, this solar outdoor shower stands alone next to the swimming pool and looks really modern and stylish.

Stone Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Tren Home

You can never go wrong with using stones for your outdoor shower. The stones give an even more cooling effect but could be a bit costly to have it built.

Sunset Villa Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Small World Marketing

This outdoor shower is made of natural materials like bamboo and a piece of lumber where you can step on to take a shower. Imagine the smell of nature and summer when you take a shower in this place.

Teak Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Archi Expo

This Teak Outdoor Shower is made of good quality wood known as teak. You don’t need to worry about using it over a long period of time because teak is hard wood and doesn’t wear out easily. This shower also has greater length which allows tall persons to take a shower in it without bending their knees.

The 86 Degree Solar Heated Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Digital Hamacher

Here is a wonderful innovation from Digital Hamacher. This Solar Heated Shower uses the sun’s heat to warm water in it’s base. It allows eight 2-minute showers in an hour. Compared to the other showers that we have seen which need permanent installation, this shower is portable and can be moved anywhere in your backyard.

Tree Outdoor Shower

 Image source: Cole Dale

This tree outdoor shower looks really refreshing and close to nature. It would be nice to set it up near hot springs or in places where your source of water is underground.

Wooden Multiple Rooms Outdoor Shower

 Image source: North Tryon

Even though this shower room features only one actual shower, the other person next in line can sit down and wait for his turn. Another person can also get changed in the next division, thanks to the wooden panels that this shower room features.