18 Stunning Front Yard Design Ideas

18 Stunning Front Yard Design Ideas

The exterior of your home is as important as the interior is. The exterior of your house will send a message to the outside world about the interior of the same. Therefore, every modern and well decorated home is supposed to have a nice and inviting front yard. Landscaping is a form of art and is really important to embrace its rules and create an awe-inspiring front yard of your house. The front yard will set up the standards about the interior and will create the first impression of your home, so its aesthetics are really important to consider. It’s advisable to create a front yard according to your personal style and taste. Regardless of the space that you have in the front yard you can create a nice and inviting front yard. Follow the below showcase of some inspiring front yard designs, so you may find some ideas useful.

Beautiful Front Yard Garden

Image Source: Style Motivation

On the first look this front yard seems like a property of some romantic novel heroine. The beautiful narrow and yet meandering walkway in combination with the lush and ecstatic garden is providing this front yard with beautiful vintage appearance. This is simple and yet beautiful front yard with romantic and vintage feel.

Contemporary Front Yard

Image Source: To Home Design

This is one modern and arhicecturaly advanced front yard. The concrete doorless fence sets up a unique and contemporary appearance of the front yard. The fixture lighting positioned below the floating steps that lead to the front door adds a super modern and sleek feel to this front yard.

Desert Inspired Front Yard Design

Image Source: Landscaping Network

The eclectic architecture of the house goes perfectly with the minimalist setting of the front yard. This is a desert inspired front yard but it looks more like an oasis in the desert. The unique exotic plants have a significant role in providing the place with lush and beautiful appearance.

Extravagant Front Yard Design

Image Source: Wagner Hodgson

This is one in a kind front yard. The vast grass landscape in combination with the steel rings lighten up with spectacular lighting are creating a really charming, sleek and amazing appearance of this modern front yard.

Front yard with patio and pool

Image Source: Wagner Hodgson

You cannot see every day a front yard with a patio and modern pool, right? – The homeowners of this house decided to go bold and utilize the space of the front yard to create an awe- inspiring first impression of their house.

Lush Garden Front Yard

Image Source: dara032

The incredibly lush garden of this front yard reminds like some sort of a raining forest, and yet the meandering pathway is providing the place with sleek and modern appearance. The wining point is the vintage lighting fixtures positioned in front of the concrete fence which sets up a really high standard of this house.

Meandering Pathway Front Yard

Image Source: Style Motivation

This is really amazing and well decorated front yard with a romantic and vintage feel. The real charmer in this front yard of course is the meandering pathway decorated with pastel colored flowers and sleek grass.

Minimalist Desert Front Yard

Image Source: Spry Architecture

Well, this is a unique front yard, isn it? – The desert inspired front yard totally matches the sleek and contemporary architecture of the house. A sand instead of a grass is a perfect choice for creating a dessert inspired front yard.

Modern Concrete Front Yard Design

Image Source: Michael Krechkivsky

The lighting fixtures positioned right next to the creative stepping stone give this front yard a bright and spectacular appearance. The sleek and modern outlook of this front yard matches the contemporary design of the house.

Modern Front Yard

Image Source: Crestview Doors

The stepping stone decorated with sleek and modern grass provide this front yard with a contemporary outlook. This is a small and yet really modern and contemporary front yard.

Natural Landscape Front Yard Design

Image Source: Gary Hutton

The natural appearance of the front yard goes perfectly with the architecturally advanced style of the house. The simple plants provide this front yard with the lighthearted airy note.

Outstanding Front Yard Design

Image Source: KBC Developments

The modern and sleek stepping stone is providing this front yard with cool and contemporary appearance.

Small Modern Front Yard

Image Source: Madero Doors & Hardware

This is another small and yet very modern and sleek front yard with astonishing appearance. The wooden stepping pathway is providing the place with natural and modern vibe.

Spacious Lush Front Yard

Image Source: Design Works

This is a spacious and amazing front yard. The beautiful landscape is adding to the beauty and the style of this sleek and modern house.

Splendid Front Yard Design

Image Source: A-cero Group of Architects

This is quite a front yard. The landscape is amazing and the spacious size of the font yard is used in a smart and creative way.

Stuning Front Yard Design

Image Source: cottage Gardening

This front yard is perfect in terms of aesthetics and smart usage of the space.

Stylish Front Yard Design

Image Source: TWS and Partners‘

The modern and beautiful landscape is the main charmer of this front yard.

Sumptuous Front Yard Design

Image Source: DWY Landscape Architects

The spacious space of this splendid front yard is utilized in a very smart and creative way. This is a really contemporary and modern appearance of a front yard.

What do you think about these designs? Did you find your favorite? See more landscape ideas on Basic Landscaping Tips for creating a perfect Outdoor ambiance.