10 Appealing Porch Design Ideas

10 Appealing Porch Design Ideas

We all can agree that the front porch is not just a place where you enter your home. This is the neutral space between your house and your yard, where you can sit back, have a cup of whatever you like or even grab a bite while relaxing and feeling a fresh breeze . If it is spacious enough, it can be transformed into a outdoor living room or even dining room as well. Decorating and styling your porch is clearly a must, if you like to leave a good impression and make a statement with the overall look of your home. Porches can be styled in many different ways, and even more, you can change decorations depending on the season, or according to a holiday that is coming. We have searched and collected some nice examples of porches designs to inspire you, in paying some attention to your own porch and styling it the best way possible. Read on and enjoy!

Lovely Porch Design

Image Source: BHG

Take a look at this bright, lovely and vibrant porch. We absolutely love the cheerful red, blue and white combo which radiates with such a positive appeal, and provides the space with an adorable energy and spirit. The cute red flowers just add to the charming appeal of this delightful porch.

Beach Inspired Porch Design

Image Source: BHG

Can’t get any better than having a piece of beach heaven on your own porch right? Get inspired by the seaside and transform your porch into a serene beach look-alike spot to take your enjoyment to the maximum level.

Charming Chic Porch Design

Image Source: Interior Idea

We can’t get over how cute and lovely does this porch look! Adorable mint blue and soft white color combo, shabby chic furniture, lots of beautiful flowers and greenery are responsible for this delight overload happening on the porch.

Rustic Porch Design

Image Source: Interior Idea

Going rustic on your porch design is a completely great idea since you will get a certain relaxed, comfortable and effortlessly cozy appearance. For example, look at this porch. Such a warm and inviting ambiance, right?

Bold Porch Design

Image Source: BHG

Make a statement with your porch design by choosing to decorate it with bold and absolute contrasting color combination. This way you will achieve stylish, modern and striking look of your porch that will certainly not go by unnoticed. What do you think about orange and electric blue mix? So fresh and funky, isn’t it?

Bohemian Porch Design

Image Source: Interior Idea

There is no better place for you to unleash your free bohemian spirit than on your own porch. The porch itself should represent a relaxing and loosen spot, and decorating with playful patterns, mixed colors and boho accessories will only add to the charm and effortless beauty of it. And by the way, we are in love with this hanging boho chair- so dreamy and absolutely charming!

Shabby Chic Porch Design

Image Source: Interior Idea

This is the ultimate charming shabby chic spot that we are dreaming of. This super-lovely country inspired porch is overwhelmed with flowers, transformed into a beautiful outdoor dining room and it looks just about gorgeous. Just notice the faux chandelier, how cute is that?

Sunny Yellow Porch Design

Image Source: Interior Idea

The sun will always shine on your porch if you choose to decorate it with warm sunny color. Yellow fabrics and even flowers, lovely wicker outdoor furniture and beautiful greenery are the receipt for the perfect vibrant, inviting and sun-kissed porch.

Natural Greenery Porch Design

Image Source: Always Unusual Design

You can never go wrong by decorating with lots of flowers and greenery on your porch because in this case, more is more! Create a soothing green oasis right in front of your entry and enjoy in the benefits of the beauty of nature.

Charming Porch Design

Image Source: Love this Pic

Creamy white colors complement nice wicker outdoor furniture and rock chairs for an absolute soft and smooth experience on your front porch. Adding a privacy fence, so- called trellis, will add you just as much privacy as you need, while still allowing the fresh breeze to flow.