Home of the Month- An Ode to Colors and Art of Eclectic Home

Home of the Month- An Ode to Colors and Art of Eclectic Home

Regarding to the fact that June has finally arrived along with it’s partner the unbearable heat, we at Rilane got the instant urge for drinking cocktails and daydreaming about exotic places. However, reality knocked on the door and said that someone’s got to work, so we decided to find an alternative solution to merge pleasure with work and we found an apartment that was as refreshing and vibrant as drinking cold Mojito on Copacabana. In the midst of the heat on Tuesday, we as famous “home crashers”#8221; went on our house tour and from the first moment we walk in the apartment we got stunned of the coolness and the dynamic feel of the place. You know that we are deeply devoted to the motto that the home interior should be a mirror of your inner energy and personal interests, well this place is a perfect example of that way of decor. The homeowners a young married couple consisting of an Artist-Graphic Designer and owner of an alternative rock club have created a home that perfectly explains who they are and what they want, the entire 100 square meter apartment is a dashing reflection of their dynamic and creative energy. The main charm of the entire apartment lays in the effortlessly cool and eclectic setting, followed by a burst of colors where every tone and shade has a different and equally important role in the interior.

The Entryway- Equilibrium of color and decor

Considering the fact that the hallway of the home creates the first impression, from the first moment we walk into the apartment we got blown away by the freshness and the perky ambiance that rules in the place, so our first impression was Fun, quickly followed by the second impression Cool! The entryway radiates vibrant and cheery ambiance, it’s simple and yet dynamic appearance makes you feel welcomed and comfortable from the first instance, in other words it represents a legitimate archetype of an inviting and modern hallway.

The space of the entryway is perfect, neither too big or too small. What we really loved about the entryway is the structure of arched doors that lead to the other rooms. The hardwood floor covered with shag gray area rug is the essence of the warm and cozy ambiance that rules in the entryway.

The entryway holds a really fun and distinctive color scheme that is responsible for the perky and cool ambiance in the place. The homeowners has chosen the Pantone’s Old Gold shade for the walls, which is a really smart choice for creating an inviting and relaxing entryway. Additionally, the vibrant blue entry door and the matching blue decorative mirror strikes to the old gold wall and creates the dynamic ambiance. The hardwood floor and the wood framed glass doors soothe the excessive dynamic that comes from the place and adds a balanced and natural vibe.The hallway looks neat and organized, furnished with large oak cabinet that stands magnificently in the entryway. Right next to the creamy beige cabinet, the decorative mirror with vibrant blue frame strikes as a main charmer and a focal point of the place.

The distinctive and contemporary artwork between the two doors adds a modern and sharp accent in the place. As we mentioned the homeowner is an artist, so some of the artworks in the apartment are hers which gives a personal and nice value to the decor of the place.

The Living Room- Spectrum of Eclectic, Natural and Cool

When you walk in the living room feeling already refreshed from the vibrant and colorful hallway, you meet another wave of coolness and fresh appearance, it is just unbearably outstanding. The living room as spacious as can be reflects natural, fresh vibes followed with artsy and eclectic feel. The open plan living room, positioned in the first plan of the spacious room that also consists the dining room and the kitchen is decorated with precise and yet nonchalant manner.

 The essence of this cool living room are the big windows that provide the place with plenty of natural light and open up the living area, bringing an airy and bright charm. You can notice the perfect blend of contemporary and natural due to the eclectic decorative palette and balanced color scheme. The warm and deep colors of the green statement gallery wall along with the dark red leather sofa are eased down with a white dominant walls and the lush natural plants, which brings the balanced and cozy overall appearance of the interior. The layout of the room along with the setting is aligned in order to achieve an relaxing and cozy feel.

We love the dance of colors and patterns and bunch of visual effects that are effortlessly applied in the living room. The gallery wall surely provide bold artistic statement on the deep green backdrop. We love how the green statement wall pop ups in the place and sets the center of the living room.

Right next to the statement wall you can notice the decorative book shelf in the corner decorated with a quirky fun artwork that stands awesome and breaks through the white walls, creating lively visual effect in the room. The white floral armchair introduce pattern and eclectic note to the interior. We loved the armchair which actually is a an old chair that the homeowners refurbished and transform it into a cool and modern accent furniture.

The Zig Zag Effect Dining Room

Right next to the living room we move to the super contemporary and youthful dining room, which can be describe as a perfect modern dining area. We love the spacious room of the place and how the dining set defines the center. The accent arched wall that separates the dining room from the charming kitchen sets the architecturally advanced aspect of the place, and adds a sharp sophisticated appearance. That fat black spot laying on the floor in the kitchen is the adorable French Bulldog Louie, who was obviously confused by our presence.

The natural light that comes from the big and wide windows have a major role in providing the vibrant, colorful dining area with bright and charming appearance. The minimalist setting of the dining room with a pop of an industrial and contemporary vibe is perfectly applied in the ecstatic and lively dining room. The zig zag effect of the red and green dining chairs in combination with the vibrant old gold wall decorated with contemporary artworks creates a specific color symmetry and bold visual effect.

The metallic copper ceiling pendant sets the industrial and contemporary aspect of the room and is ingeniously paired with the bold contemporary artworks on the wall. The white silky curtain along with the patterned white area rug soothes down the over dynamic ambiance and adds charming and light perks in the place.

The dining chairs which are of course the main charmers of the dining room are exceptionally beautiful and cool. The combination of green and red is what have created the dashingly warm and dramatic setting in the interior. The contemporary upholstered chairs totally stand out in the dining interior and set up a ultra modern vibe.

Compatible and Charming Kitchen

Overlooking the colorful dining room, nestled in the corner we saw the unbearably light and charming kitchen. The kitchen is small and yet compatible and organized. We loved how the kitchen’s color scheme distinguish from the other rooms, it’s natural and creamy which open ups the place and make it visually bigger.

The small Ikea bar that serve as a boundary between the dining area and kitchen looks interesting and brings nice charm to the interior. We love the light perks that are obviously dominant in the kitchen area due to the white ceramic floor tiles and the light oak cabinets.

The Kitchen is utterly charming and beautiful, a perfect kitchen for people who lead a dynamic and fast tempo of living. The place is compatible and super organized with light oak wood cabinets broken through with high tech appliances. The light creamy backslash tiles with subtle texture create a sleek and soft appearance of the place.

We love the creative storage solution in the kitchen. The vintage Milk Jug used as a rack adds a cool and fun note in the place.

Hallway- The Artistic Intermezzo

Leading to the other rooms of the cool apartment, the hallway can be described as a super contemporary art gallery. The narrow hallway, decorated with bold and powerful over sized artworks striking on the white wall creates an interesting dynamic ambiance that makes you impatient to see what comes next.

Soft and Relaxing Bedroom

The bedroom as the other rooms is also opulent and rich with colors, but foremost it holds a specific blend of soft and fresh ambiance that is really hard not notice. The overall appearance of the bedroom is incredibly light and vibrant and the airy ambiance is perfect for the nature of the room.

The homeowners have used their artistic abilities and achieved a perfect play with warm and cool colors, resulting with a breezy and relaxing appearance. The combination of soft turquoise on the statement wall and the sunny yellow cabinet creates higly ecstatic and lively ambiance in the bedroom interior. The natural sunlight that comes from the big windows sublimes the overall bright and charming appearance of the bedroom.

The dynamic and perky ambiance that comes from the opulent colors is smartly soothed down with the white textured quilt and the white Ikea ceiling pendant, that brings balance and soft note in the interior. The yellow wardrobe with sliding doors looks sleek and modern and creates the organized and neat aspect of the bedroom.

The decorative palette is distinctive and sophisticated, which is the case with all of the rooms in the apartment. The contemporary artwork above the bed creates a beautiful and profound visual, it also works as a dashing focal point in the interior. Even though the artwork quote says Melancholy, this bedroom interior is nothing but melancholic , it is bright, soft and charming.

Cool and Vibrant Teen Room

Fun fact: this was the first room where we took photos, because our photograph was fascinated of how ultra cool is this place.The room of the 15 year old Mihail a basket player who enjoys listening to old school rap is a perfect example of how you should furnish and decorate a bedroom for a teenager. The kid’s bedroom looks foremost cool and vibrant, it reflects the boy’s personal interest and looks aesthetically solid.

Mihail’s bedroom has a smart organization and a perfect layout. The open display wardrobe sets a cool and ecstatic note in the place. The advanced loud speakers not only that look super cool, but they also distract us from doing our job, and gave us the urge to play loud music and dance around.

The color scheme consist of several blue shades matched with white furniture and black details, which is a perfect color palette for a boy’s bedroom. The rooms looks bright and airy due to the window placed in the middle of the center wall that strikes through with natural sunlight and open ups the place.

We love the wall decor in Mihail’s bedroom, especially the reproduction of Banksy famous graffiti.To conclude, Mihail’s bedroom is a perfect example of how you should create a teen boy’s bedroom that features his interests, it is educative and looks refreshing and pleasant.

Modern and Bright Bathroom

The Bathroom is bright, modern and organized decorated with distinctive taste in order to reflect sharp and refreshing ambiance. We love how the bathroom interior has a light and cheery overall appearance, it looks simple and yet super contemporary.

The overall creamy and beige color palette open ups the interior and provides it with light and charming note. The black bathroom cabinets strikes through the beige appearance adds a sharp and bold touch and creates a nice contrast effect in the place.

The glass shower enclosure along with the natural beige stone wall in the shower area creates a charming visual effect in the place.

Well, you can notice that our hot Tuesday was quite interesting and inspiring. We enjoyed our stay in this super creative and artistic apartment, and it was so easy to work in the place, because the mood of the place is so relaxed and easy going. From this house tour of deeply eclectic and inspiring apartment, you can see that decorating your home should be done only with the help of your inner instinct for aesthetic, with your perception for colors and art, and with your boldness to create the big picture out of a tiny and beautiful details. Because we over stayed our welcome, we had to leave because the homeowners along with the french bulldog Louie were starving but also were too nice to kick us out. However, as a gift we got some bonus photos of the alternative rock bar named Bar Cube that is also decorated by the homeowners, and is incredibly creative and cool. Check it out!


We want to say thank you to the homeowners for letting us in heir inspiring and beautiful home and for letting us to share it with you.We hope that you got great and useful ideas that are going to contribute in enhancing the appearance of your home. Stay tuned for our next home tour and remember We Aspire To Inspire!