Home Of The Month- Refreshingly Sleek and Vibrant Oasis in a Youthful and Modern Home

Home Of The Month- Refreshingly Sleek and Vibrant Oasis in a Youthful and Modern Home

It’s July, and its hot. really hot, so hot that we at Rilane were in a huge despair for some cold and refreshing retreat, and as you know we tend to confuse pleasure with work so we decided to go on a house tour. As always, we&##8217;ve chosen a place which is a synonym for fresh and vibrant with impurity of contemporary and modern. The homeowner a young and vibrant entrepreneur let us in the super relaxed and contemporary apartment which we love at first glance. The contemporary apartment stretching 70 square meters is a perfect archetype of a modern, youthful home. Usually, uber modern apartments tend to have unificated concept and decor, but we were really happy to see a modern apartment that totally distinguish from all modern interiors and pushes the limits of contemporary and relaxed decor. As you know we love apartments that are decorated by the homeowners and not by an interior designer, so was the case with this place as well, and we have to say to the young homeowner ” Job Well Done! ” The place is neither big or small, it has enough room and space for a young man with a dynamic tempo of living. The overall decor vary from minimalism to contemporary, applied in a subtle and balanced order so the place can reflect chill and vibrant ambiance. The color scheme in the apartment is utterly bright and bold, consisting of high contrasts such as white and black enhanced with a lively charm by warm and colorful details.

The High Contrast Hallway

In general, we love hallways that strike with sharp and bold ambiance because they tend to build a really strong first impression, and as you can see by yourself this hallway reflects utterly sharp and dynamic energy. The hallway looks neat and clean which creates a really relaxing and yet sharp and strong ambiance in the place. What we really love about the hallway is the sheer simplicity and low key decorative palette and ingeniously smart organization which results with the clean, relaxed and ultra contemporary overall appearance.

The color scheme is the essential element that make this hallway so modern and bold. The high contrast of white walls complemented with fierce black motifs creates the refreshing and modern ambiance in the place, the white walls create visually enlarge the hallway and add bright and refreshing ambiance while the black tone add dynamic and sharp, sleek touch to the interior.

The minimalist setting of the hallway has a major role in providing the interior with neat and functional appearance and it’s all due to the super smart built in hallway cabinet with fierce black sliding doors which both adds functionality in the hallway and boosts up the overall aesthetic appearance.

The decorative palette is set up on low keys, consisting of shag black and white runner rug which brings bold and sumptuous texture and breaks through the white plain walls decorated with several miniature artworks.

Bright, Sleek and Vibrant Living Room

When we finished with the hallway which we generally loved, we walked in the huge main room which consists the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The open plan living room is a great concept for a young man’s apartment. The living room is bright, relaxing and spacious, most of all we love how the homeowner has decorated the living room in order the place can meet his needs. The one thing that we love the most at this room is the post wall which separates the living room from the dining room. You maybe ask yourself why we pick a basic white post as our favorite; well beneath that post there is a high tech invisible fireplace. Awesome right?

As was the case with the hallway, the living room also is decorated with sharp and smart color palette. The essence of the room is the snowy white color which takes the first place in the interior and creates bright and refreshing ambiance. Except white which is applied as a main tone in the room and basically in the entire home, the color palette includes a lot of black and grays motifs, and a warm shades such as burnt red and sunny yellow. The color disposition is also awesomely applied; the burnt red swivel chair strikes through the white room, the black motifs add bold and serious note all balanced by the natural beech wood floor.

The living room is decorated with a major minimalist influence merged with a contemporary and modern style that brings the utterly lively, vibrant and youthful ambiance in the living room. We love the yellow statement panel with decorative shelves that breaks through the plain white wall and creates ecstatic and modern feel in the room. The decorative palette is also set on low keys and is decorated with charming details which actually represent the major interests and hobbies of the homeowner.

Voila! Here is the main charmer that stands out modestly in the corner right next to the comfy white leather sofa- the electric guitar which the homeowner occasionally use to play some cool tunes. We love how the guitar is used as a decorative element in the minimalist and modern living room, beside that it represents the homeowner interests which is the basic fundamental in creating a pleasant home.

Artistic and Ultra Cool Dining Room 

The dining room is perfect! Artistic, modern and youthful. When we walked in the main the dining room was the first place that come to our attention, since of its super bold and modern appearance. The dining room is right next to small kitchen which is the common and most practical concept of positioning this room. We love everything about the dining room, especially the super vibrant ambiance that is clearly dominant in the place.

The color scheme in the dining room is bold and sharp, again consisting of high contrast enhanced with warm and lively colored details in order to break a monotone ambiance and create the ecstatic vibe. The black statement wall decorated with contemporary artwork at the center adds a sensual and bold note and breaks through the white walls. The color disposition is applied in a zig zag concept which stands out great in the place, for instance the black sleek dining table contrast the white chairs and creates bold visual effect.

The dining room is a distinctive blend of mixed styles such as contemporary, eclectic and elegant which are perfectly applied in the place.The contemporary and eclectic are applied perfectly in this super cool and vibrant dining room. The geometric print area rug stands out magnificently and creates nice modern visual in the place. The super classy chandelier adds the elegant touch which adds opulent and sumptuous ambiance in the dining room.

The charming white wall decorated with lively modern artworks that are symmetrically arranged creates an artistic and lively feel to the place. The black gorgeous lady right next the artworks is a nice decorative element that provides the dining room with utterly fun and interesting appearance.

Super practical and vibrant kitchen

The kitchen is perfect for a young man, just perfect, it’s not too big, it has perfect layout and kitchen appliances and reflects utterly vibrant and pleasant ambiance. The homeowner said that he spends most of his time here, weather alone or with friends, for a matter of fact we also spent most of the time here during the house tour, because the white kitchen bar is very practical and the modern black bar stools are super comfortable.

The kitchen cabinets are absolutely gorgeous and sleek. The homeowner has attained a super fresh and relaxing appearance of the kitchen by using super sleek and contemporary materials.

The kitchen bar is definitely the main charmer of the kitchen and stands out magnificently in the center of the room. The white and sleek, glossy surface add super modern and bright ambiance in the room and the curvy edges of the bar enhance its overall sleek appearance. The super bold and modern black bar kitchen stools create amazing contrasting effect.

The color scheme in the kitchen is superb. The white tone again takes the first place in the room and is smartly broken through with a cold,lively colors such as the sleek yellow backslash which stands out great and creates vibrant contrast effect and the modern green iron pendants above the white kitchen bar. The colors in the kitchen have created a fresh and modern ambiance which made the place super sleek and modern.

Vibrant and Contemporary Bedroom

The bedroom is compact and super organized. We loved the bedroom, because it has intimate and distinctive ambiance. The thing that we love about this bedroom is it size, its not too big or too small but just enough for a bedroom.

The color scheme consisting of white and black has contributed in creating the super bold and sensual ambiance due to the perfect high contrast effect. The natural wood floor adds a warm and cozy ambiance and soothes down the excessive dynamic from the black and white tones. The color arrangement is perfectly done and the bedroom has a balanced and relaxing ambiance.

The contemporary style is clearly visible in this super modern bedroom. The black wallpaper with silver skyscraper print adds a contemporary and super modern statement in the room and acts as a great focal point in the place.

As is the case with the other rooms, the bedroom also holds the minimalist setting, from which we can conclude that the homewner is a real fan of this decor style. The black cabinet adds neat and organized feel to the bedroom and it surely stands out magnificently in the room.

Vivid and Ultra High Tech Bathroom

When we walked in the bathroom it was love at first sight, actually one of our team seriously said : ” I could live in this bathroom,” and you can see by yourself why we were blown away. The bathroom is exceptionally beautiful, high tech and modern. Actually, the homeowner works with importing Italian Bathroom tiles and appliances, so you can assume that he knows to choose the best.

We love the combination of the colors on the patterned bathroom tiles which add super vivid and colorful in the super vibrant and modern bathroom. The bright colors create ecstatic and lively ambiance. The multiply mirrors with various size and shape work as a great focal point and decorative element and provide the place with modern statement.

How awesome is this sink right? The white teardrop shaped sink along with the leaf shaped faucet stand out awesomely in the bathroom. We were astounded by every piece of furniture and appliances in the bathroom, but the bathroom sink is our favorite.

The glass shower with unique and interesting form provides the bathroom with ultra modern and high tech appearance. We also loved the bathroom storage cabinets with patterned surface and snow white color that add great texture in the place.

We finished out tour with the bathroom and was time to go home. To conclude, this apartment is a great example of how can you create a perfect, youthful home with dynamic and vibrant ambiance.The homeowner and his girlfriend were very nice and polite, so nice that we forget yourself talking with them and totally forget about work. Big thanks to the homeowner that let us in his cool apartment.

So, that’s it we hope that you got inspired and collect some ideas from this super awesome home because as always we at Rilane, aspire to inspire!