Home of The Month- Symphony for the love affair between Elegant and Modern Home

Home of The Month- Symphony for the love affair between Elegant and Modern Home

August is a month where the Summer Sun is feeling rather tired and using it’s last source of strength, in one way announcing that summer is over, so you can feel that warm and calm scent in the air. Before you start to wonder why we got so heartwarmingly poetic, we have to justify ourselves that we are still under impression from our last house tour, which believe us it was more than poetic, it was what happens when music meets poetry. Just because August is a month when the sun is elegant and not aggressive and dynamic like in July, we picked a house that is kind of a perfect analogy for this month: elegant, warm and calm. In the midst of a hot summer day, a young medical student let us in her and her parents lovely home to explore its sophisticated and distinctive style. We were instantly enchanted by the dashingly sophisticated and classy appearance that we decided to compare this 120 square meters apartment with a symphony that has a classic overture but modern and contemporary crescendo. This house is a perfect example that you can merge classic elegance with modern minimalism and attain a beautiful and pleasant home. As was the case with all of our last house tours, this house is also decorated by the homeowners without any help of a professional interior designer, which makes the home more stunning and impressive. Before we forget ourselves and start being poetic again, we will introduce you the classy and elegant home of the month for August.

So let’s begin!

The main room- The ensemble of art, music and elegance

When we first entered the main room we were like “OK we saw enough, because this room has everything that one elegant and cozy, family home requires. The main room which includes a small hallway, seating area, dining room, living room and the kitchen has a perfect layout and organization, so the place would not look cluttered or heavy. The main room is magnificently arranged in terms of usage the space, color scheme and decor. The open plan concept is applied in perfect way and there is a natural border between every room so you can notice the decor scale and how the energy vary from one to another room. As the homeowner said by herself, every corner in this room is a story for itself and has different purpose and meaning. So, since we present you this home as symphony let’s start from the top.

The Overture- Bright and Elegant Entryway

The entry of the main room is fairly merely simple and classic, but sophisticated and elegant enough to create a solid first impression and to prepare for the rest of the room. The dark, well finished wood sideboard cabinet stands out gorgeously and creates bold and elegant visual in the place. We love how the white wall is subtly decorated with several charming floral artworks that bring charm in the place. The interesting floor vase also takes a great place in adding a nice decorative touch.

Right next to the sideboard, there is the seating area which takes a beautiful part in the entire place. The seating area is rather tranquil and relaxing, bursting with classic elegant and sophistication. We love the simple and yet bold arrangement of the elements such as the vintage fireplace that strikes against the white wall and creates nice high contrast. The main charmer of this area is of course the classic wing-back chair with dark wood legs and creamy beige upholstery, leaned on the cacao brown post it defines the center of the room and creates dashingly elegant visual of the place. We also love the white and gold ceiling pendant positioned right above the wing-back chair along with the matching wall scone.

The Crescendo- Classy, Bright and Contemporary Living Room

Here we come to the main part of the symphony which we can best describe is an equilibrium of decor, color and energy.The living room is dashingly beautiful and classy, decorated with exclusively distinctive and elegant style. The color scheme, consisting of a hot cocoa brown soothed down with overly pastel and creamy tones and enhanced by the presence of solid wood materials. We love how the homeowner has attained a high contrast in color and in style. For instance, the modern white leather sofa perfectly strikes through the cocoa brown wall decorated with two splendid wall scone and a distinctive reproduction of Modigliani. The floral area rug with pastel tones contribute to the soft and soothing ambiance in the place and works as a striking complement in the place.

You can notice by yourself how the combination of perfect layout, natural sunlight, creamy and pastel tones is creating a perfectly serene and bright ambiance in the living room. The love affair between the bold armchair and the pastel pink floor lamp is creating an incredibly synchronization of colors and styles and provides the place with calm and breezy note. We love the arrangement of the elements, it’s done in a simple and yet super classy way. The utterly bright and soft colors soothes the cocoa brown shade and provides the living room with balance and relaxing ambiance.

Here is the part of the living room that can be describe as the part of the song that includes modern and sharp beats and grandiosely changes the entire dynamic. The modern and contemporary black and white media cabinet with minimalist nature create a really sleek and neat appearance in the room. The lively colored artwork brings color and boost up the contemporary and ecstatic ambiance in the place.

The Modigliani reproduction has an immensely big impact in providing the living room with distinctive, artistic and classy ambiance. The beautiful artwork creates an amazing focal point, its diminished colors goes with the cocoa brown on the wall and create a really opulent and vibrant ambiance.

We mentioned couple of times that what we most like about this apartment is the fact that the decorative palette is rather simple and minimalist but also so bold and distinctive. For instance, look at the table lamp, it is so utterly elegant and distinctive that provides the room with the classy quirk and adds to aesthetic of the place.

Dining Room- The Musical Intermezzo

The dining room is positioned at the center of the main room and acts as natural border between the kitchen and the living room. The dining room is utterly decorated in a classic and elegant way which we love. The elegant dining set take a great place in the center of the room and create a rather sumptuous and opulent ambiance in the place. The floor to ceiling glass doors are responsible for the bright ambiance and the decent amount of natural sunlight that illuminates the place.

The piano and his friend the acoustic guitar are placed between the living room and the dining room and create a really interesting and warm feel in the place. The piano and the guitar also act as a decorative element in the dining room and boost up the elegant and sophisticated ambiance in the interior.

The Dashingly Bright and Soft Kitchen

The kitchen, positioned in the corner of the main room is incredibly refreshing, modern and bright. The kitchen is small but really compact and functional. The homeowners has applied the cocoa brown color scheme in the kitchen also but in a small dose in order to avoid a monotone and dull ambiance. So, the cocoa brown is soothed and brighten up with the creamy white cabinets and kitchen bar that have a major role in providing the place with ultra refreshing and breezy ambiance.

As we mentioned, the small and compact kitchen has a perfect organization and therefore neat and sleek appearance. We love the glass shelve storage incorporated on the creamy white kitchen bar, that adds to the functionality but also creates a nice and chic visual effect in the place. The creamy cabinets matched with a white floor tiles provide the place with super fresh and clean appearance.

Here again you can notice that homeowners love to play with high contrast in color and styles. The black and white kitchen bar stools with super contemporary and modern design create a zig zag effect and add interesting and bold statement in the interior.

We love the floating shelve below the glass cabinets, it provides the place with additional organized and sleek appearance and as you know floating shelves one of the hottest trends nowadays.

Feminine and Charming Girl’s Bedroom

The young medical student bedroom is a perfect archetype for a charming and modern girly bedroom. The bedroom is utterly sweet and soft, reflecting breezy and tender energy and decorated with distinctive style. The bedroom is also a blend of elegant and modern synchronized together with the baby pink color scheme that creates the utterly pleasant ambiance in the interior.

The combination of pastel pink and snowy white works great in the interior. We love the pink bed and the window above it that provides the entire room with natural sunlight and beautifies the whole interior. The decorative palette in the bedroom is utterly charming and beautiful as you can see by the beautiful bedside table decorated with cute decorative elements.

The pink and wood cabinets provide the bedroom with elegant and organized appearance, which we really loved in the place. We also love the egh shaped decorative mirror with pastel pink frame that adds nice decorative touch in the place.

How adorable and sweet, right? – The charming pink wardrobe with French vintage charm really stands out in the place and creates a magnificent and beautiful feel in the overly amazing pink bedroom.

Lively and Charming Bathroom

The bathroom is also dashingly bright, charming and lively with a baby pink color scheme and variety of patterns that provide the place with nice noisy and solid visual effect. The glass shower enclosure contributes to the bright and breezy ambiance in the bathroom and provides the place with super contemporary and bold feel.

We love the rose shaped bathroom sink and how it stands out magnificently in the bathroom and adds a charming and feminine note in the place.

Modern and Contemporary Hallway

The hallway is uber contemporary and modern, decorated with high contrast color scheme consisiting of black granite floor tiles, black hallway cabinet and plain white wall. We love the simplicity and the super contemporary appeal of the hallway, it is neat, sleek and dynamic.

Spacious and Relaxing Patio

As a sublime to our house tour, the homeowner showed us the homey and inviting patio that she refers as “summer living room” is super spacious, comfy and refreshing. We love the bright and lush ambiance that is due to the white color scheme and a lot of flower plants that provide the exterior with natural and lively perk.

With the lovely patio we’ve finished our house tour and as always we overstayed our welcome, and we left the gorgeous medical student to study for her exams. However, this beautiful and opulent apartment is a great example that shows classic and elegant decor are still very modern and not out of fashion, when they are applied in the right way. We were really impressed how the homeowner has incorporated the ultra modern style with super elegant and classic impurity. Hats off to that! Thanks to the homeowners that let us in their marvelous home and let us explore it and share it with you. Well, we hope that you enjoyed our home of the month for August as much as we did, and we hope that you got some ideas since as you well know We Aspire to Inspire!