Home Of The Month: The Natural Perfection of A Bright Family Home

Home Of The Month: The Natural Perfection of A Bright Family Home

May is the month where all around is blooming with an astonishing glow, the sun-rays are pleasant, reflecting the bright and vibrant colors of the nature, the air is warm and you just can feel the scent of the new season coming on the horizon. Enchanted of the perks of May and of the warm and pleasant weather, we decided to select a house that will be a perfect equivalent to this season, specifically to the month of May, and we quite achieve that aspiration. Our editor’s pick for this month is a spacious apartment that is an archetype of a natural, modern and all in all beautiful family home filled with bright, cozy energy and decorated with distinctive and extremely sophisticated taste of style. The homeowners- young married couple with two children has done a perfection in interior of 210 square meters, all picked, build and decorated by themselves without any help of interior designer, which made us to be fascinated more of what we saw. We made the house tour on a sunny day in Sunday and it was a perfect day to visit a family home filled with harmony and bright vibes. When we arrived the homeowners were delighted to have us, especially the four year old Sofia, which is the main charmer of the house. At the first glance, we got instantly enchanted by the brightness and the natural, airy feel of the place which was followed with the same reaction through the entire house tour. The family apartment is nestled in a top of a building, consisting of two floors.As for the beginning we will start with the second floor which is positioned in the roof top of the building.

The Kitchen : Spectrum of Natural, Rustic, Industrial and Contemporary Charm

We start the house tour with the kitchen because it was incredibly inviting, bright and charming. The kitchen has an open plan layout merged with the dining room and overlooking the living room. The kitchen is extra compatible with a spacious room for the little rascals to run around. The kitchen is settled in the main room of the second floor and as we mentioned the second floor is actually the roof top of the building which explains the advanced architecture of the walls. The immense amount of natural sunlight that comes from the skylights reflecting on the fir wood floor creates the warm and natural appearance of the place.

When it comes to the style of the kitchen we have to emphasize that the homeowners has decorated the place by themselves and have merged the best of various styles. In the natural and bright kitchen you can notice a impurity of Scandinavian sleekness, a cool industrial note, warm rustic charm and a prevalence of a modern minimalism.

The modern rustic aspect of the kitchen is due to the exposed oak wood beams, arranged with a perfect symmetry creating the accent ceiling. We love the two painted black copper ceiling pendants which add the industrial note in the kitchen and act as a striking complement to the oak wood beams. The airy and natural vibes are due to the two skylights which are filling the place with the dashing natural brightness.

 The color scheme of the kitchen is absolutely divine and ingenious. The pale creamy brown tone of the wall work great as a foundation and the white tiles with creamy shades strikes as a sleek and clean backslash. The white glass kitchen cabinets create a light, natural charm in the place, contrasting to the granite counter top and black storage rack setting the perfect balance and providing the kitchen with contemporary appearance.

We picked the Ikea faucet as our favorite item of the kitchen, because of its matted design and elegant swirl, which stands out in the kitchen area and adds a super modern and contemporary touch to the place.

 You surely notice the built in vent, finished with a matching porcelain tiles of the backslash which creates a interesting visual effect of the place. The floor black granite tiles are surely striking with the whites of the cabinet and create a modern contrasting effect of the place.So to conclude the kitchen has a spectrum of profound styles, distinctly chosen materials and modern items completing one divine picture of an extremely pleasant and modern kitchen.

Small and Modern Dining Room

Right next to the kitchen area is the small but super contemporary and classy dining area. The Dining Room, positioned in the corner of the room, reflects modern minimalist with a pinch of an industrial style. You can notice the perfect symmetry of the dining table placed in the center of the beige area rug.

The architectural structure of the walls is extremely modern and advanced. The white concrete post is visually separating the dinner from the living room and adds creative symmetry in the place. The leaning wall with a distinctive creamy color and two skylights strikes as a focal point of the place, creating a natural and airy ambiance.

We absolutely love the industrial dining table, made of black steel and natural wood top. The dining table looks incredibly cool and vibrant, surely standing out in the place and creating a contemporary and modern appearance of the dining area. The black upholstered dining chairs look comfortable, adding an inviting and comfy note to the place.

How cool is the ceiling pendant, right?- The raw black copper pendant, placed on the center of the dining table is creating a nice focal point and adding a cool industrial aspect of the dining room. The pendant is by IKEA, as most of the elements of the dining room and basically of the entire house.

The dining area reflects modern and contemporary vibes with pinch of industrial and yet cozy and comfortable perks. The position of the dining room is perfect, overlooking the kitchen and living room.

The Contemporary and Cozy Living Room

Overlooking the dining room you can move to the spacious and airy living room, bursting with peaceful and calm energy. The bright and airy living room is reflecting serene and sleek ambiance due to the perfect light solution and usage of natural and earthy materials. We absolutely love how the space is organized and furnished with sophisticated and minimalist decorative palette.

The open plan living room shows once again that minimalism is welcome in a family living room. The minimalism of the cozy living room is reimbursed with a natural sunlight that comes from the huge glass door, positioned on the center of the room. The color scheme is the same as in the dining room: a creamy, light brown which totally adapts the natural and cozy style of the place.

The sitting area consisting of upholstered black sofa with matching, huge ottoman is arranged in a Zen- mode and is perfectly comfortable. The overall decorative palette of the living room is distinctively sharp and sophisticated, regarding to the the modern centerpieces on the steel and wood coffee table, and minimalist plants on the side table. We love the contemporary, monochrome artwork on the center wall and how it breaks through the plain wall, working as a perfect focal point on the wall.

The center of the living room is utterly astonishing. We love the play of colors and texture that the homeowners have applied in a subtle and ingeniously symmetric way. The stacked stone fireplace along with the wood storage designed in perfect symmetry are providing both: the natural and the contemporary essence of the living area. The wood beam strike on the center of the wall and presents the upper white and creamy wall. The media units are also what has fascinated us, it is arranged in order to produce a perfect sound through all the living room.

It was difficult to choose just one thing of this living room as our favorite, because every piece of furniture and decorative figure has a specific charm and beauty, but we have to pick one and it was this modern and industrial side table, decorated with fresh minimalist plants.

We have to emphasize our admiration of the perfect merger of natural and airy style with impurity of industrial, contemporary and modern that stands astonishingly in the bright living room which is overlooking the huge roof top patio.

Welcoming and Pleasant Hallway

The hallway is utterly warm and relaxing , also decorated with a distinctive charm and sophisticated style. The hallway is reflecting cozy and chill ambiance and aesthetically looks inviting and beautiful. Decorated with safari inspired decorative elements and antique items such as the coat rack and the walnut wood cabinet, the place looks astonishing. The vintage coat rack looks dashingly charming and there is an interesting story behind it. The homeowner Maya told us that she found the coat rack in her grandma basement, covered with a pile of clothes, and she was instantly blown away by its charm, as well as we were.

You can notice the same color palette in the hallway.The intensity of the light brown color matched with the natural fir wood floor creates a pleasant and cozy ambiance in the hallway area. You can notice how the geometric area rug is matching the paint wall and creates a nice and beautiful visual effect in the place.

We love the decorative elements that stand proudly on the wooden cabinet. The special accent goes on the rare candle holder which the homeowner found on the flea market.

The staircase heading to the first floor is also built with style and profound elegance. The matted glass window on the center wall provides the hallway with natural sunlight and adds the airy and light note to the place. The stairways covered with natural wood will bring us to the best room in the house.

The Fresh and Vibrant Bedroom

Till now you have noticed, that every room in the house has its own charm and different color scheme followed by unique interior style, which is also the case with the bedroom. The bedroom is simple, fresh and vibrant, filled with an ecstatic and natural charm. The color palette of the bedroom-the light turquoise blue, matched with natural wood floor and white and brown bedroom vanity creates a balanced and beautiful ambiance in the place.

The decorative palette as it was in the other rooms is sharp, minimalist oriented and sophisticated. The blue, textured comforter matching the blue wall creates a nice visual effect and provides the place with an opulent and vibrant perks. The white leather headboard is soothing down the dynamic of the blue wall and adds a balance in the room.

Regarding to the focal point , you can notice how the multi canvas floral artwork is creating a charming visual of the place and determining the center of the wall.

We picked the pendant scones as highlight of the bedroom due to their amazing design and how they stand out on the plain blue wall. We especially love the diminish gray color and floral texture on the scone that adds a great visual effect and improves the aesthetic appearance of the bedroom wall.

The Extremely Modern Bathroom

When we first enter the bathroom, i swear i got a little dizzy from the extremely dynamic ambiance, the ingeniously sleekness and superb functionality. The bathroom proudly holds all the superlatives that you can give to describe one interior, it just gets overwhelming to describe the serene ambiance in this bathroom. But without any doubt we can say that this interior is an archetype for a bold and dramatic bathroom.

As was the case in the other rooms, the bathroom also has an individual theme and story with the basic minimalist essence that the homeowners have applied throughout the entire house. The color scheme of the bathroom, utterly distinctive consisting of rare dark and light shades of gray works as the primal dynamic force of the interior, followed by the noisy surface that creates the lively and vibrant perk in the place. The size of the bathroom tiles, wide and symmetrical, perfectly adapt with the nature of the bathroom and add sharp and contemporary appearance. The white bathroom appliances work as a striking complement, soothe the excessive energy and set the balance in the bathroom. We also love the usage of dark brown and black which set the modern and contemporary aspect of this bathroom.

 The accent of the bathroom interior of course is set on the glass shower which is the subtle charmer of the place. Positioned in the corner of the bathroom, the glass shower creates the sleek and contemporary setting of the bathroom. The built in tub, covered with the matching bathroom tiles works as a focal point in the place, and creates a superb and neat visual effect.

Here we present the highlight element of the bathroom: the shower faucet and the unbearable charm of its sleekness. The faucet has a utterly innovative and modern appearance and set the advanced functionality of the bathroom.

The bathroom vanity, fairly simple and functional creates the organized and neat appearance of the bathroom. We love the sleek ceramic bathroom sink by Roca, the stand alone sink on the built in vanity creates the perfect scale of dramatic and bold appearance. The minimalism and the perfect organization of the bathroom contributes to the overall neat and extremely contemporary appearance of the place.

The Pink Kingdom of Princes Sofia

Finally we arrived in what happened to be our favorite room of the entire house, the adorable room of the four year cutey Sofia, which was obviously excited to show us all of her favorite items in the place. The bedroom as you can see by yourself is flawlessly astonishing, adorable and soft. The Sofia’s room is a perfect example of how you should create a girly bedroom with style.

The color palette: baby pink and white is perfectly applied and arranged in the room in order to reflect sheer beauty and lively ambiance. We love how the textured pink quilt acts as a striking complement to the pastel baby pink wall and creates an amazingly soft and dreamy visual effect. The decorative palette is also absolutely creative, especially the butterfly artworks on the wall which are handmade and look extremely gorgeous.

One thing that we absolutely love about the room is the amount of natural sunlight that comes from the big glass door, placed on the center wall and decorated with girly white and pink curtains. The white wardrobe totally stands out in the place and breaks through to the dominant pink color scheme, it open ups the room and creates a nice and lively ambiance. The shag white area rug placed on the natural wood floor adds the soft texture in the place and make this room more adorable than it already is.

The white wooden cabinet proudly standing in the corner of Sofia’s room is our favorite item of the place, although it was difficult to choose one highlight from the room, since the entire place is reflecting sheer beauty and adorable, cuteness. The white bedroom cabinet is simple and adds a organized and neat note to the room.

And of course here is her majesty Sofia who told us that she really love her room, but that this is not her favorite place in the house and she was impatient to take us to that place. Anyway, Sofia’s room is an archetype for a simple and yet amazing bedroom for girl, the room is not excessively decorated and that is the charm and beauty of it.

The Playroom- Mecca for Kids

Finally, Sofia took us to her territory and her zone-the playroom which is literally a home for her toys. Luckily the play room was one of the last rooms that we visited, because at the moment we arrived here we got urge to stop working and dig in Sofia’s treasure of toys. Sofia was thrilled to show all of her toys, and she said that when she is annoyed by everybody she comes here to relax ( who wouldn’t), when we asked her how long she usually stays in her playroom, she answered : Ten! – and we were incapable to add something smart to this answer.

The playroom is the most adored room for Sofia, but not for her mom, the homeowner Maya told us that the playroom takes a lot of time for cleaning. Anyway, we bowed to the organization and storage solutions that she has applied in the place, and we think that she done a superb job in decorating and furnishing the room.

The playroom is utterly bright and lively, reflecting ecstatic and playful ambiance. We love the colorful acrylic table that adds a fun and creative setting in the room.

The perky yellow color palette is perfect for shared girl and boy playroom, since this shade is gender neutral and in addition is super cozy and lively. We love the decorative elements, especially the Snow-white custom, even though Snow White is not Sofia’s favorite princess, she emphasize that The Little Mermaid is her favorite but she wasn’t able to find a custom of her, so this was her alternative.

And of course as thanks for looking her room and talking a lot about princesses with her, she retreated us with a piece of art on her little chalkboard. Thanks Sofia!

The Sublime Rooftop Terrace

We left the best for the end in order to sublime the overall beauty of the house. The rooftop terrace is stretching 120 square meters and is absolutely breathtaking. Unfortunately, we were able to capture only the outdoor sitting area, because the dining area and the rest of the place is still under construction. Anyway, we were delighted to capture the super relaxing outdoor sitting room and enjoy the incredible view of the city.

The style of the exterior is also a combination of perky Mediterranean influence with sharp contemporary impurities. 

The terrace features brick posts which add the Spanish feel of the place and wooden paneling which adds the warm and natural appearance. The wooden roof sets a solid foundation and provides the place with advanced aesthetic appearance, but also protects the sitting area from the unwanted weather conditions.

The wrought iron sofa set with comfy creamy cushions perfectly adapts into the vibrant and relaxing setting of the outdoor sitting area. You can notice the painted copper pendants that provide the place with the industrial and contemporary note and acts as a striking complement to the wrought iron sofa.

The overall ambiance and appearance at the rooftop terrace is utterly relaxing and beautiful, and it is a sheer example of how you should decorate the outdoors on a simple and yet sophisticated way.The rooftop terrace was the last on our list and is was time for us to go, and we was as sad as Sofia w well we didn’t burst into tears like she did but it would be inappropriate to cry anyways. Even if told you our overall impressions about this lovely house throughout the article, we would like to make some kind of conclusion.

The house of Maya and Danny is a perfect example which shows that is possible to create a family home and yet keep the modern and contemporary style. We are impressed of how the homeowners by themselves have done a job of a professional interior designer, they have integrated various styles and kept the essential brightness and coziness of the home. When we asked the homeowner Danny, how was possible to do all of the job he replied that all of the job was made with love and that was enough. Thank you Maya and Danny for accepting Rilane team in your lovely home and letting us to write about a perfect, natural, cozy and happy family home. As for you readers, we hope that you collect a lot of ideas and tricks for your home, because as you know We Aspire to Inspire!